Hand Painted Mess Dress Party Shirts

Traditionally, at formal military functions, when the dinner and speeches are over and the dancing and frivolity begins, the jackets come off to reveal fun, outrageous and interesting patterns and designs on the sleeves and back.
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Soaring Pride Designs™ offers you the opportunity to have a unique, one of a kind, handpainted Mess Dress shirt. I will work with you to come up with an original design that is special and representative of you, your unit, or whatever you'd like! (I'm sorry, I cannot reproduce liscenced or copyrighted characters.) Please see the samples in the slideshow at right for examples of my work. 
The finished product is completely machine washable, (although it cannot be dry cleaned). A cloth must be placed over the design to iron the shirt.
Shirt painting costs $20 an hour. Most shirts run between $100 and $150, and depends on the complexity of the design.  
You must supply your own shirt.
I do painting only, no alterations or the sewing of new sleeves.
Turn-around time will vary with complexity of the design and how busy SPD is with other orders.
To request a hand-painted, fine art mess dress shirt, or to obtain more information, please Contact Us
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