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It all started back in 2003 when I made some special onesies for a friend's baby shower simply by rubber stamping the words "My Daddy Flies an F-16" across the front. The oneises were such a hit at the shower that I began to do other phrases as well.

The onesies bacame my special gift that I gave at all showers and to all my friends having babies. I began applying my art and design background and began designing all sorts of onesies, making them unique to each baby and each squadron.

Eventually people began asking me to make them for others and offering to pay. After about the 100th "you should sell these" comment, I started thinking about it. But it wasn't until a dear friend, Susie, actually signed me up for a booth at my local Officer's Spouses Club meeting, that I began to take the idea seriously.

Thanks to the amazing effects of Word of Mouth and SPD's ability to create completely personalized products, it has expanded to include all branches of the military and now many local business and non-military designs. And most recently, the acquisition of commercial equiment that allows me to print adult sized items and products from coffee mugs to phone covers and everything in between! I've shipped orders all over the US and many other countries!

I am still just a one person shop, working exclusively in my home, but I still have big dreams for this fledgling business. I am forever indebted to the friends and clients who have spread the word literally all over the world! Thanks so much and I hope you continue to enjoy Soaring Pride Designs!


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