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Custom T-Shirt Designs
Soaring Pride Designs™ is not just for the little ones! Does your unit or organization need a unique andpersonalized T-Shirt design?  Let me create a look for you!
 Multicolor designs with no color limitations are now available on adult size shirts in a variety of styles!
All drawings and designs on this website and any ordered item are copyrighted and the intellectual
property of Jennifer Speer. No copying, redistributing or posting without permission.




I can offer you design work and shirts for less money than most printing houses and at the same quality!

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Unit designs, spouse designs, kids' designs, team shirts, running team shirts, groups of all kinds! I can do a custom design that is perfect for your group! 


Terms and Conditions:

First, we will send you a very rough pencil sketch for the new design before working on a completed design to aide the process and make sure we are all on the same page.  


After the sketch is approved/discussed, I will begin work on the full color, fully developed design. Because SPD imprints digitally, there are no limits for amount of colors or gradations, no per-color fees or set up fees. 


For new designs, you will be sent a digital, full color proof of the design upon its completion. Once we decide on the direction of the design, it usually takes me around 5-7 days to get an initial proof to you, give or take, depending upon how busy we are. Do you have a specific date you were looking to have the shirts in hand by? 


We want you to be completely happy with your design! You will be offered up to two edits or “tweaks” of a completed full-color design proof free of charge. After the second change or adjustment, an hourly rate of $20 for the time spent re-working the design from the third change forward will be charged. 


Once you OK the initial design proof, I will send an entire Proof Package complete with mock ups on various shirt styles and products, size charts, pricing, etc. to assist in your ordering. Once ordered, larger orders of shirts and most other items only take about 7-10 days to get printed and packaged, then are shipped via USPS priority mail. 


Soaring Pride Designs retains all copyrights and ownership of the design.


Fully developed designs take me between 18 – 25 working hours each to complete (that’s before any requested changes or adjustments) so there is a minimum purchase of items featuring the design to waive the design fee. Once you make the official request to begin the design by responding to this email with answers to any questions about your unit I have asked above and affirm you are ready to begin the design process, that is when these minimums and/or design fees officially go into effect and will be charged.


For Adult Designs:


*For minimum orders of over 10 shirts or more the DESIGN WORK IS FREE! You pay only the cost of the shirts!  (Minimums can be met by mixing and matching shirt styles and sizes. If some folks want short sleeve, others long- no problem!)

*For orders of 6-10 shirts, a $37.50 design fee is applied.

*For orders of 0-5 shirts, a $75 design fee is applied


I have many shirt styles to choose from in your proof package. However if you don’t see a style that suits you, I have many other options available through my supplier. Let me know. We’ll find something that works for you. If the minimum order is reached, and you have not exceeded two changes or adjustments to the full-color proof,  there is no further charge beyond the per shirt price. We do not charge set up fees or per color fees. In fact, our designs are digitally printed, so there are no limitations on colors or gradations. We charge the one time initial design fee ONLY if a minimum of more than 10 shirts are not ordered to compensate for the time it takes to create the design. 


I do request the initial order be one large group order. However, once a design is created and in the catalog, and the initial order is complete, there is no design fee or minimum requirements for future orders. Folks can order 1 at a time, straight from the site, if they’d like.


You are welcome to include any other items along side your initial order in order to save on shipping, if you have folks who would like kids’ shirts, for example, or any of the various accessories that SPD offers. 


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